The Agronomics of Autoflower

Emily Gogol, PhD

Workshop Overview

We are excited to welcome industry leaders to discuss a variety of topics related to the successfull cultivation, processing and sale of autoflower (day neutral) hemp. Emily Gogol, PhD (CEO at Infinite Tree) will lead this free 2-hour workshop.

Workshop topics will include:
  • Applying crop science to hemp
  • Maximizing your growing season with day-neutral hemp varieties
  • Applying existing and traditional technologies to cultivation and harvest
  • Post-harvest processing for sale
We will host workshops throughout the nursery season, please register in advance.

AutoCBD an outstanding variety for 2020

For 2020 we've chosen to carry AutoCBD, an nationally field-trialled cultivar of autoflower. You can access datasheets on the AutoCBD download here