It Ain't Easy Being Green

Emily Gogol, PHD

Rigorous horticultural practices and an attention to detail enabled our nursery to be one of the first certified, and we are so excited to have USDA approval! We owe our success and our USDA Organic Certification to our oustanding agricultural team. Our team worked diligently to ensure that all aspects of our operations were in compliance, from the soil we grow our seedlings in to how our R&D flower acreage is harvested and dried.

On our road to certifcation it became obvious that there is little support for the hemp farmer in gaining this certification. The tools available for hemp are even more limited than for other organically certifiable crops like carrots or tomatoes. A lack of evidence-based research on hemp cultivation spurs our agricultural team to take on research projects to carefully determine best practices for hemp.

As a nursery we focus more on that side of the operations, but in order to conduct our own rigorous field trials to test potential material for the next season, we also have to study best practices for acreage cultivation.

When counseling our clients, we emphasize

  • Simple, straightforward record keeping
  • Always double-check the organic status of everything onsite from soap to soil
  • When making changes, be sure to run them by your local certifier before implementation