Questions you should be asking
your CBG breeder


Take a look at the graphic above, keep calm, and read on.

There are so many new hemp breeders and their subsequent 'genetics' on the market in 2020, that my grandmother would have a few colorful phrases to say about them. I bet your grandmother would too. At some point we run into someone selling something too good to be true, and that should give us pause.

You want to be successful, and if you choose to grow a CBG crop, there are a few additional questions you need to ask of yourself, and more importantly, of your breeder.

First, think about the graphic above.

  1. Yes, if you're growing CBG you could still end up hot. Processors are reporting hot CBG crops from the 2019 season.
  2. If 1 in 10 of your plants is 'hot', even at a relatively low level (3%), your CBG crop will come back hot (0.3%).
  3. How is this possible? Inheritance. Breeders have to make sure their populations are homogenous at key locations that make a plant express CBD, THC, CBG etc.

Well, that stinks. What questions should I be asking?

  • Questions for your seed/plant provider
    1. How many individual plants did you test, at full maturity, to know that 100% of your seeds turn into CBG only producing plants? hint: the answer should be more than one, and in the 10 plant range if they tested flower nugs. Alternatively, they could test milled, mixed, material from from +10 plants. Results: should always report back with 0% THC.
    2. Did you test for the presence of Bd, Bt or Bo alleles in your hemp lines? I realize this is more complicated, but any breeder worth their salt should be aware of the work done by de Meijer et. al. on how expression of CBD, THC and subsequently CBG, is inherited in Cannabis. If not, they could totally be working with hemp lines that have THC alleles, and that is where your 1 in 10 THC plant comes from, in your CBG field!
    3. Followup qusetion, can they put you in touch with anyone who had their CBG crop extracted? Result: this is the real proof in the pudding. Last year some flower growers may have gotten away with hot plants, but CBG that went for processing would have been flagged.
    4. Are they responsible if the CBG seed/plants you purchased produces a hot crop? They are going to answer no, I bet. I included this because the reality is that CBG crops are a promise of something that will always be compliant, and in reality many breeders in 2020 are going to get away with selling garbage, that will go hot, and you'll be stuck with it.

    When you're growing a CBD crop, you know the importance of understanding the interplay of THC and CBD levels as the plant matures. Please don't be asleep at the wheel with your CBG crop, and get answers to your questions before your plants are in the ground. If plants are already in the ground, get in touch with us to develop a testing plan that will allow you to harvest your crop.

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