Stand Out with Blue DelicaC

Emily Gogol

Innovative CBD and CBC Hemp


Blue DelicaC is an S1 of Berry Blossom Bx3 that will delight you with heavy blueberry and raspberry aromas and unique cannabinoid profile. Consumers are excited to indulge in something that sounds and smells so delicious, and they are intrigued by the combination of CBC with CBD.

  • Unites the known benefits and market recognition of CBD with the exciting and rare CBC
  • Creates products that deliver in the marketplace
  • Ready in Early October / field avg. 8-10% CBD and 1-3% CBC

Why the name Blue DelicaC?
We named this cultivar to convey the beautiful purple fade, blueberry aromas, and unique CBC component. It is a unique delicacy that sets you apart.

Does it grow any differently?
We recommend the same cultivation practices for Blue DelicaC as we do all our cultivars. Blue DelicaC is reliable and vigorous, and its' Berry Blossom lineage is grown with great success throughout the U.S.

How stable is Blue DelicaC?
Very! It is an S1 of a Berry Blossom Bx3. The result is very stable expression. The backcrossing helps achieve stable expression of this desirable trait, and it is a Bx3. That means the line has been backcrossed three times. Then it was selfed, creating the S1 feminized hemp that is Blue DelicaC. You can learn more about backcrossing and selfing, and other important hemp breeding terms at Alchimia

Extraction or for smokables?
Both! Blue DelicaC has a tight bud structure and glossy resin production with a blueberry dominant on the inhale and exhale. It also extracts well with a low lipid content, increasing your yields after winterization. In either market Blue DelicaC will stand out with its unique cannabinoid profile and terpenes.